3 Signs Your Heater Needs Professional Attention

21 July 2015
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Your heater is incredibly valuable when it gets cold outside. It keeps your house toasty, warm, and comfortable. The last thing you want to do after commuting in the cold weather outside is to walk into a chilly house. Regular maintenance such as changing the air filters, checking the pilot light, and having the ducts c leaned periodically can help your heater to run smoothly. You also need to be aware of the warning signs that there is something wrong with your heater. Ignoring obvious signs of wear and damage can end up being very costly.  Here are three signs that your heater needs professional attention.

Your energy bill is higher than expected.

When you use your heater more often, you can expect your energy bill to increase. However, a broken heater is more likely to suck up more energy, resulting in a higher energy bill. It may be hard to link the two at first. A broken heater also does not put out the amount of heat that you desire, meaning that you end up cranking your thermostat higher in order to achieve the desired temperature in your home. The increased energy demanded is not used effectively by a broken heater, resulting in a vast increase in energy use, and thus a huge increase in your energy bill.

Your heater is not heating the house uniformly.

You may notice that your heater is not heating your house uniformly. There can be disparities in temperature when you walk into different parts of the house. This could stem from a number of problems that can be hard to diagnose by yourself. The heater may be weakly emitting heat or there might be a blockage in the ducts or vents. The best thing that you can do is make a note of temperature disparities and communicate them to an HVAC specialist when it comes time to repair your heater.

Your heater makes strange sounds.

You should be familiar with the sounds that your appliances and fixtures may when you use them. Your heater probably makes a small, hushed sound when your turn it on and it is running under normal conditions. A broken heater can create a cacophony of sounds. Common sounds a broken heater can emit throughout your house include grinding, thumping, wheezing, and rumbling. If these strange sounds are also accompanied by an odor such as gas or burning, then you should shut off your heater immediately. Call a heating repair professional for assistance.