2 Tips For Keeping Your Home Cool

23 January 2017
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Keeping your home cool in the summer is absolutely vital when you want to maintain your family's comfort and health during the heat, but it can also end up being quite expensive. Listed below are two tips that you can follow in order to keep your home as cool as possible throughout the summer.

Clean Your HVAC System

One of the most important steps that you can follow when trying to keep your home cool during the summer is to keep your HVAC system clean. One of the first things you should do when trying to keep your HVAC system clean is to have a service come to your home and clean out your ducts. When the ducts in your home become dirty, they can also begin to restrict airflow throughout the home and spread allergens into the air.

The decreased airflow from the clogged and dirty ducts will make it so that your air conditioner is not pushing as much cold air into the rooms throughout your house, which means that it will take longer to get your home cool. Another step to follow when cleaning your HVAC system is to replace or clean the air intake filter, which is responsible for keeping dirt and debris out of the air that your air conditioner is drawing in for cooling purposes. When this filter is in need of cleaning, it will restrict airflow to the air conditioner and place a lot of strain on the unit as the unit will have to be on longer and work harder to keep your house comfortable and cool.

Cover Your Windows

Another important step to follow in order to make sure that your home remains cool in the summer is to cover your windows. Uncovered windows allow sunlight to get into your home and increase the temperature throughout the entire house, which not only forces your air-conditioner to turn on more often and cost you money but also makes your rooms quite uncomfortable. When looking for items to cover your windows, consider those items that can block a very high percentage of the sunlight that strikes them, such as blackout curtains, solar shades, or thick drapes.

Contact an HVAC contractor today to discuss what options you have at your disposal in order to keep your home as cool as possible during the summer. Cleaning your HVAC system and covering your windows are both easy and effective ways of keeping your home cool during the summer. For more information, contact local professionals like Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling.