Setting Up Your Guest Bath? 3 Must-Haves To Spare Your Plumbing And Your Guest's Dignity

27 January 2017
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Guest bathrooms are one area of your home where you can really pamper your visitors. Yet, this bathroom is often neglected due to its lack of use. While you may not go in there often, you can bet that your guests will rely upon this space as a place to quietly retreat and freshen up after their travels. As you prep for your visitors, make sure your spare bathroom has these essentials that can prevent embarrassment along with the need for emergency repairs.

Check the Toilet Functioning

Before your guests arrive, give that toilet a little flush just to make sure everything is working as expected. You can do this while you are cleaning by tossing a bit of toilet paper into the bowl to make sure everything goes down. If you notice a weak flush, strange sounds, or that the toilet is constantly running, call a plumber to have it repaired. This way, your guest won't feel responsible for toilet issues that existed long before they arrived at your home.

Place a Trashcan Near the Toilet

Many common hygiene items should never be tossed into the toilet because they cause clogs. Yet, your guests may be tempted to throw their feminine hygiene products or cotton swabs into the toilet to spare them the embarrassment of carrying personal trash out into the public areas of your home. Fortunately, this is a simple fix. Just place a trash can with a liner in a prominent area of the bathroom, and your guests will know what to do.

Set Out a Jewelry Holder

Few things can stop a party in its tracks like having to dismantle the plumbing to frantically search for someone's wedding ring. Since you know that your guests will be showering and washing their hands, set out a jewelry holder where they can safely store their valuables until they are done. Ideally, the holder should be placed away from the sink or shower such as in a cabinet or shelf.

While pretty rugs and matching shower curtains create a beautiful look in your guest bathroom, it is also important to make sure it is functional. For worst case scenarios, leave a plunger in a visible location, and always know the name and number of a plumber from a company like AAA Plumbing that you can call in a pinch. By focusing on creating a useable guest bathroom with all of the features a person needs to help take care of your home, you can enjoy the visit without any embarrassing plumbing issues.