3 Foolproof Fixes For A Toilet That Keeps Getting Clogged

30 January 2017
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You may be using as little toilet paper as possible, or you might even completely be avoiding flushing any type of paper products at all. A toilet that constantly gets clogged can make life more complicated than it needs to be, making it impossible for you to fully enjoy your home. To resolve an issue with a toilet that repeatedly needs to be plunged, snaked, or avoided altogether, try these three do-it-yourself solutions that will make bathroom time uncomplicated again.

1. Use A Water Softener - It can be surprising to learn exactly what hard water can do to your skin, shower stall, and even your toilet. Hard water can lead to calcium deposits building up on the inside of your toilet, as well as in the pipes that water flows through when it is flushed. With enough calcium and mineral buildup, your toilet will become harder to flush, leading to more clogs.

You can put a water softener in your toilet's tank, which will prevent more calcium from building up. Over time, your toilet bowl will become easier to clean as well as flush.

2. Install A New Toilet With Sufficient Flushing Power - Any changes made to your plumbing system can lead to a residual effect on how well your toilet flushes. If you have installed new pipes, it is possible that an older toilet won't have the flushing power necessary for fully evacuating the toilet bowl. You will need a plumbing professional to analyze your system and see if putting in a new toilet will be a suitable fix. 

3. Fix The Clog Further Down The Line - If you've been flushing and flushing, but your toilet remains clogged up, you likely have something wrong in one of your other plumbing pipes. The problem could be a clogged water line, or your septic tank may need to be emptied and cleaned. In general, clogged toilets aren't a sign that your entire plumbing system needs to be replaced, but if you just keep plunging your toilet, the real issue is only going to be exacerbated.

Since you will need to use your toilet several times a day, you don't really want to need to have to manually unclog it every time nature calls. Test out these different solutions and consult with a plumbing service, and you will get your toilet to finally cooperate. Get a handle on your constantly clogged toilet now so that you can preserve your plumbing and save money on big repairs.