Ten Tips For The Bathroom Remodel Of Your Dreams

30 January 2017
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Transform your bathroom with a remodel, turning it into something you have only dreamed about. You may be surprised by how much time you actually spend in the bathroom of your home, and when you remodel using the following suggestions, you will want to spend even more time in there!

Ten tips to make your bathroom something special are:

  1. Nickel fixtures. Look for fixtures that merge retro and contemporary in beautiful, burnished satin-nickel. Satin-nickel has a hand-rubbed appearance that is perfect for faucets, shower sprayers, and spas.
  2. Tile mosaics. If you are blessed with a large bathroom, use tile mosaics on the floor for an intriguing feature that will make your home stand out.
  3. Calcutta marble. Calcutta marble is gorgeous and is the benchmark of luxury when it comes to your bathroom. Since it is pricey, make sure it is the focal point of the room by using it to enshroud your tub walls or on the surface of your vanity.
  4. Unexpected furnishings. An armoire or secretary makes an unexpected focal point when placed near the tub. Plus, it brings extra storage to your bathroom.
  5. Frameless showers. Frameless shower doors made from glass can also make a smaller bathroom seem large. These are easier to clean than frames, which can gather mildew in the nooks.
  6. Limestone flooring. Check out limestone flooring, which feels soft underfoot, much more so than marble. It has a distinctive look that is ideal in a bathroom or powder room.
  7. Open vanities. Skip the cabinets under your bathroom vanity to make the room seem more open and spacious. Instead, hang medicine chests above the vanity instead, which are also more convenient than leaning down for storage underneath.
  8. A mirrored wall. Bringing in a mirrored wall can make the room seem larger and more expansive. Don't go crazy; one wall makes a great accent, while several walls may appear tacky.
  9. Tub mirror. Allow for space to prop a large, floor-style mirror behind the tub. Try to find a distinctive, vintage style that will complement your space.
  10. Candle sconces. Candle sconces above your tub? Why not? This is the perfect place for candlelight while you lounge and soak in your beautiful bathtub.

Consider these ten tips when remodeling your bathroom to turn it into something you have only dreamed about. Talk with plumbers and contractors about creating a soothing sanctuary that serves a variety of purposes and that improves your home aesthetically. Check out websites like http://www.rkknightplumbing.com for more information on your plumbing options for your remodeled bathroom.