15 Fine Fixtures And Finishes To Enhance Your Bathroom

1 February 2017
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Planning to remodel your bathroom? Consider adding some high-end fixtures and features to make your space something special. Here are fixtures and finishes that will enhance your home's bathroom:

  1. Volcanic limestone tub. A modern and simple volcanic limestone soaking tub is truly luxurious. This material is smooth as porcelain, but not as heavy, and compact enough to fit in even crowded bathrooms.
  2. Ebony hardware. Replace hardware with ebony handles on cabinetry and the shower doors. This gives your bathroom a rich, modern appearance.
  3. CaesarStone vanity. A CaesarStone vanity is glossy and sophisticated, yet easy to keep clean.
  4. Pedestal tub. A pedestal tub is a gorgeous focal point in your bathroom, and the added height make it easier to climb in and out of.
  5. Glass vessel sinks. Install dark limestone walls around your tub and shower enclosure for a crisp contrast to white fixtures, like the toilet or sink.
  6. Iridescent tile-work. If you want your bathroom to exude glamour, have mother-of-pearl tile installed on your vanity, shower walls, or backsplash.
  7. Frameless shower stall. A frameless shower stall will provide a bit more space in your bathroom, and the glass doors give your room an upgraded, contemporary look.
  8. Nickel fixtures. Use brushed or burnished nickel fixtures for an alternative to stainless steel, and for a material that hides fingerprints well!
  9. Double-head shower. Consider adding double-heads to your shower stall to accommodate two!
  10. Heated floor. If you really want to indulge, invest in a heated floor. This will keep your feet warm and toasty on even the coldest morning or when you step out of the shower.
  11. Opaque-glass doors. Install opaque glass doors on medicine chest, closet, or storage space for a modern air.
  12. Vintage furnishings. Bring in a vintage dresser or secretary painted matte black, with polished ring pulls for added storage. Talk with plumbers about inserting shallow drop-in basins for your his and hers sinks for a one-of-a-kind vanity.
  13. Glass tile. Make the floor your bathroom's focal point with a glass mosaic floor tile. Use white milk glass tiles for your border.
  14. Floor-mounted tub faucet. Install a floor-mounted faucet for the tub to preserve as much soaking space as possible
  15. Tub trays. Finish your bathroom off with bamboo or wooden tub trays for extra storage, increased convenience, and a cool, modern look. These are the perfect place to put your book and cup of tea while you soak!

Talk with contractors and plumbers like Mike Hensley Plumbing Inc about implementing any of these 15 fine finishes in your bathroom.