Water Saving Tips For Homeowners

23 February 2017
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Even with the easing of drought conditions in the more thirsty parts of the country, water conservation remains a hot topic. It falls on all consumers, not just those in the dangerously dry zones, to do their part to keep their water usage down. Doing so not only helps the planet, but can keep those water bills down too. Read on for some easy to implement tips to save on water use in your home.


Most people are not aware that water is categorized by color. The water that is flushed down the drain from your toilet and the waste water that goes down your kitchen drain is categorized as blackwater. This "color" of water is not suitable for use in any manner without being treated at your local waste-water treatment plant.

Of more interest here, however, is the use of greywater. This is the fairly "clean" water that leaves your dishwasher, shower or washing machine. You can reuse this water without it having to be treated, if you do it correctly. While the use of greywater on your garden where edibles are being grown is not recommended, it is perfect for things like watering your flowers and lawn and washing your car. A quick call to a plumber could result in even more water conservation, since greywater can be routed to flush your toilet. You will need a good system for holding all that greywater, so speak with your plumber about that as well.

Hot Water Heater

Most people don't think twice about their water heaters, but when you consider how wasteful it is for your appliance to hold water hot and at the ready all the time, you might want to think about an "on demand" system. These systems heat only what is needed immediately, without holding it and making you run it until it gets hot.

More Tips

1. Leaks can be costly and wasteful, so make it a point to check your pipes for leaks every once in a while. You can use your water meter as a starting point, not using water for about an hour, then checking the numbers again. Any movement in the number means a leak, so contact your plumber right away to identify and address the issue.

2. Keep a close eye on wayward sprinklers in your yard. It's not necessary to water the driveway or sidewalks; a timer is a must-have to prevent accidental over-watering.

3. Fixing a running toilet is easier than you might think. The fill valves and/or the flapper may need to be replaced to prevent waste.

You can find out about even more water conservation tips by contacting a company like Allcounty Plumbing & Heating Corp.