Questions About Common Water Heater Issues

28 April 2018
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Problems and performance issues with your water heater can have major consequences on your quality of life. While many homeowners will encounter serious water heater problems, it is common for many to have a lack of information about the basic issues and problems that can arise.

Why Is The Water Coming From The Water Heater Brown?

It can be alarming to one day find that the water coming from your faucet is brown. This can be a common issue for water heaters, as there are a couple of potential sources for this discoloration. For example, years of sediment accumulations can gather in the tank, which can then start to enter the water flowing to your faucets; cleaning the interior of the water heater reservoir will help to alleviate this particular problem. Unfortunately, you may find that cleaning the water heater fails to alleviate the issue. This could indicate that rust is forming. Sadly, repairing this problem will be far more complicated, and you will need to have a professional inspect the unit to determine the extent of the corrosion damage.

Is Hard Water An Issue For Water Heaters?

Many homes will have hard water. This water is harmless to people, but it can be very problematic to plumbing systems and appliances. This is due to the fact that hard water is characterized by high mineral content, which can lead to mineral accumulations forming. In a water heater, these accumulations can cause performance issues by limiting the flow of water from the unit, insulating the heating elements, and reducing the capacity of the water heater storage tank. The installation of a water softener will be the ideal solution for avoiding these problems; however, if this is not an option, you should regularly use a specially formulated cleaning agent that can dissolve mineral deposits.

Can Leaks Be Repaired?

A leak forming in the water heater is a serious problem that necessitates immediate repairs; otherwise, the water leaking out could cause significant damage to your home. In addition to damaging the home, these leaks can gradually worsen and spread. Some homeowners will wait too long to have these leaks repaired, and this can result in their water heater no longer being able to be patched. In this situation, completely replacing the unit will be the more practical option. To help you identify leaks, you should inspect the water heater every few weeks. If you notice water pooling under it or water stains, you should have the unit professionally inspected by your local water heater repair company to check for leaks.