Worried About Winter Plumbing Problems? How To Get A Headstart While The Weather Is Good

12 August 2018
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You may still be enjoying the warm weather, but winter will be here sooner than you think. When it does finally arrive, you'll want to make sure that your plumbing is ready for the weather change. There's a drastic change between summer and winter, and your plumbing is going to know the difference. If you haven't taken the appropriate steps to make the transition, you may be left to face some serious plumbing problems. Here are three steps you should take before the weather turns cold this winter.

Start the Winter with Clean Drains

If you're going to be prepping your plumbing for winter, one of the first things you should do is clean your drains. Clean drains do more than just eliminate foul odors. They also help reduce the risk of serious clogs that can occur during the winter months. You might not know this, but the grease and food that's left behind in the drains can actually freeze during the winter. When it does it can pose a couple of plumbing problems. First, the frozen grease and food can lead clogs that won't clear with conventional methods. Second, the frozen grease and food can cause your pipes to burst. You can avoid both risks by starting the winter with clean drains.

Begin the Insulation Process Now

If you know that freezing temperatures are going to be coming this winter, now's the time to begin the insulation process. Waiting until the last minute could leave you rushing to get things taken care of before the first freeze arrives. Or worse, your pipes could rupture before you get the chance to insulate them against the cold. Taking care of the insulation while the weather is still warm will ensure that your pipes are prepared and well-protected once winter arrives.

Check for Leaks Throughout the House

If you think leaky pipes are only minor problems, you might be in for a rude awakening this winter. This is particularly true during times of freezing temperatures. You may only have a small leak in a pipe right now, but once the water inside the pipe freezes and expands, the size of the leak is going to expand as well. To avoid this type of problem, be sure to check for leaks throughout the house before the onslaught of cold weather. If you're not sure how to check for leaks, or you're worried that you might have missed some, contact a plumbing service such as Quality Plumbing as soon as possible. They can come out and provide leak detection services for you.