Tips For Hiring The Right Commercial Plumber

30 September 2018
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Commercial buildings can be large in size and often have complex plumbing systems. Thus, if you own or manage any commercial buildings, it is essential to pay close attention to a building's plumbing system and have repairs made promptly in order to prevent bigger issues that can be quite costly to fix. One of the keys to successfully managing or owning a commercial building is finding an experienced and reputable commercial plumber to take care of all of a building's plumbing maintenance and repairs. Use the following tips to find a great commercial plumber who you can count on to service the plumbing inside a commercial building:

Always Hire a Licensed Plumber

When you own or manage commercial buildings, it is always imperative to hire a plumber who is licensed, bonded, and insured. An unlicensed plumber may be capable of making repairs, but in the event that there are any problems, you will not have any recourse. In addition, hiring a plumber who is not bonded and insured can put you at great financial risk. If a plumber who is not bonded and insured is injured in your commercial building, you can be held liable and be forced to pay medical bills. In the event that there is any damage to your building's plumbing system due to the work of an unlicensed plumber, you will have no recourse and will need to pay out of your own pocket to fix the issue.

Look for Plumber Who Specialize in Commercial Plumbing

The plumbing system of a single family home and a commercial building have a lot of differences. While all plumbers have a lot of skill, you should always hire a plumber who specializes in commercial buildings. When you hire a plumber who only works on commercial buildings, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the maintenance and repairs that you need are something that he or she is familiar with. A plumber who only repairs commercial plumbing systems will know what to do when a multi-stall bathroom is having toilet problems, while a residential plumber may not.

Ask for References

Plumbing services are not always cheap, so it is a good idea to ask for references before hiring a commercial plumber. Any commercial plumber who you are interested in hiring should be able to provide you with the contact information for other commercial clients that he or she has worked with. Take the time to contact the references to learn more about a commercial plumber's work. 

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