When Is It Time To Call A Commercial Plumbling Company?

7 August 2019
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There are plenty of plumbing tasks at a business, especially a small one, that can be handled by the folks who work there. For example, swapping out a faucet is a job most folks who are even remotely handy can tackle. There does come a point, however, that it is time to contact a commercial plumbing services provider. Let's take a look at how you can evaluate whether a problem calls for the support of a qualified professional.

It Requires Accessing Outside Lines

Accessing the city water system is a risky proposition at best. In many regions, it's illegal for anyone but a licensed professional to access the main points where water enters or exits a building. If you're not sure how close a problem might be to those points, then you should ask a commercial plumbing professional to track the source of the issue down.

There is a Risk to Valued Property

Suppose there's a pipe that runs past a valuable part of your business, such as a showroom with very nice hardwood floors. Even if the chance of you making a mistake is something like one percent, the question you have to consider is what the cost of fixing any potential damage you might cause in the worst scenario would be. In most states, commercial plumbing businesses are required to be bonded and insured. If a plumber makes a mistake, the bill for repairs goes to their professional liability insurance provider. When the property threatened by a plumbing issue belongs to someone else, you absolutely don't want to take chances with it.

Employees or Members of the Public Are at Risk

A clogged sink might seem like a minor problem, but it still represents a health risk. If a problem exposes a member of the public or an employee to illness, you may be facing litigation or a workers' compensation claim. Regardless of your abilities, a professional is likely to get the issue under control faster. That always means reduced legal exposure.

Time is Not on Your Side

Even a relatively simple problem like taking the smell out of a drain may call for the attention of a pro if you lack the time to do the work. It's never wise to let commercial plumbing problems linger, even if it's something like a fixture that's draining slowly but still working. Call a pro and get the problem dealt with.