Families With Allergies: Are You Using The Correct Air Filter For Your AC?

27 January 2020
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If members of your family suffer from severe allergies, you may use allergen-free detergent to wash their clothes and monitor the weather conditions daily. But if allergens, such as dust and pollen, circulate the air in your home, you need to take additional steps to protect your loved ones. One of the things you can do is see if you have the right air filter inside your cooling system. Learn how using the wrong air filter can affect your loved ones' allergies below.

Is Your AC's Air Filter Right for Your Home?

You may think all air filters are the same, but they aren't. Although all air filters trap large particles, such as dust and lint, some air filters don't have the capacity to block or contain tiny particles, such as pollen and mold spores. Two of the types of air filters you may want to avoid using in your home are fiberglass and washable.

Fiberglass home air conditioning filters generally cost less than pleated, washable, and high-efficiency filters. However, fiberglass air filters may not be thick enough to contain large particles. Particles can pass through the thin fiberglass material and recirculate into your home through your cooling system.  

Washable air filters may also cause problems for your family members if they don't dry completely after you wash them. The spores that create mold and mildew can land on the damp material and grow. Some people can develop allergens to fungi over time.

If you're unsure the air filter you should use for your air conditioning s, consult an air conditioning service who can provide the guidance you need today.

How Do You Choose an Effective Air Filter?

A contractor can select an air filter that not only keeps your loved ones' immune systems healthy, the filter can also keep dust mites, fungi, and other contaminants out of your cooling system. If your air filtering system doesn't work properly, it can allow moisture and allergy-causing contaminants to build up inside your cooling units. The right type of air filter can help solve both problems before they occur.

One of the filters an air conditioning contractor may recommend using is an high-efficiency air filtering system. This type of air filtering device can trap or remove over 99 percent of air particles from your home and cooling system. However, you must use high-efficiency system that matches the size, needs, and capacity of your cooling system. Some high-efficiency air filters can interfere with airflow. To help you avoid problems with your air conditioning system, a contractor can help you select air filters that work best for it. 

If your loved ones' allergies are out of control, speak to a contractor for assistance today.