This Is Why A Leak At The Base Of Your Toilet Should Never Be Ignored

25 February 2020
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Toilet leaks happen to everyone at one time or another, typically because a toilet has gotten older and hasn't been maintained well enough. But if that leak is coming from the base of your toilet, it has the potential to become a very big problem and isn't something that should be ignored. This is why you should get help for this issue right away.

It's Dangerous

The first thing to understand is that the water seeping out from under the base of your toilet isn't clean water. It's wastewater — in other words, whatever you're flushing down the toilet. Needless to say, it's pretty gross, but it's also dangerous to your health and the health of anyone else using your bathroom. If leaks occur, they should immediately be wiped up and then the floor and base of the toilet should be disinfected to ensure that nobody comes into contact with dangerous E. coli bacteria that can potentially make them sick.

It's Damaging

Any kind of toilet leak is a problem, but those that happen at the base of the toilet tend to be particularly problematic. This is because the leak will often start under the floor, where the toilet is mounted to the outgoing pipe that leads to your sewer line. This means that sometimes a leak can start and no one will notice until the leak becomes bad enough to visibly damage the floor or the dampness starts to become noticeable.

Toilet leaks can and will destroy a floor. Being exposed to both moisture and bacteria galore will cause the floorboards to start to warp, and then they'll eventually begin to rot if nothing is done to stop it from happening.

Getting Help

If you even suspect that you have a leak under your toilet, you should get in touch with a plumber right away. This is a repair that requires a lot of manual labor, and without adequate training, is likely to be done incorrectly and only make the problem worse for a homeowner.

Your plumbing contractor will examine the damage and determine if you need to replace some of the flooring or not. From there, a toilet repair will be possible by re-mounting the toilet and creating a new seal for it that will keep waste water from escaping. With this repair in place, you can expect your toilet to work properly for years to come without any additional leaks.