How To Unclog A Drain

28 April 2020
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Having a clogged drain is such a common and uniting experience of living in modern America. Sometimes you'll need a plumber, and sometimes it's something minor that you can handle. Where to start, though?


While most people think of plungers as bathroom-only equipment, if you can get a plunger onto the drain, you can plunge it. (Ideally, you'll want to keep a bathroom plunger and a non-bathroom plunger around, and wash the plunger after every use.) Sometimes clogs can be unclogged with this simplest of fixes, the plunger, and it's always worth a try before proceeding to more serious methods. You'll want to keep an eye on the drain in question for a while, even if you do break up the clog with the plunger. Sometimes such things are a one-off, and sometimes it's indicative of a long term problem. This is true in general of resolving clogs yourself.

Hair Removal

This is especially important in bathtubs if you or members of your household have long hair. They make special tools for this, but you can also often just get in there with your fingers and pull it out. (It is, admittedly, kind of gross, even if you're wearing gloves.) There are also several tools you can buy to prevent this particular type of clog from happening — and they might be a worthwhile investment if you have long or thick hair. While it's most common to bathtubs, it can happen to other drains. There are also other clogs that may be removed by hand or small drain snakes, hair is simply the most common of these.

Clog Removing Chemicals

These bottles of super-powered chemicals can dissolve some types of clogs. You'll want to make sure you have the right type of chemical for your pipes — a mistake in this can damage the pipes in your house — and it is better used when you are having slow drainage rather than a full backup. If there's still a little drainage, you know at least you won't have a pool of dangerous chemicals sitting there, whether or not the cleaner works. A lot of people go to this method first when other simpler and less expensive methods would solve the problem, and it can be overkill in some situations. It's worthwhile to have some on hand, though, because plumbing emergencies never happen at convenient times, but there are times where it's just not an appropriate solution.

If you end up deciding that you need drain cleaning services, make sure that you inform them of any steps you took to resolve the issue yourself. Especially if you used the chemicals — those can cause burns and it's something they need to know for their own safety as well as to complete their job.

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