Dealing With A Broken Underground Water Pipe

2 October 2020
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Water and drain pipes that run underground can present a problem if they are damaged and leaking. The repair can often take some time and be somewhat challenging, but calling in a plumber that deals with underground pipe repair may be the best solution.  

Signs Of A Pipe Break

When the plumbing is underground, it is hard to know when a pipe is leaking, but there are some signs that you can look for that will help. A broken line will often allow water to seep into the ground and saturate it near the leak, causing soggy ground or puddles at the surface that seems entirely out of place. 

If the pipe is leaking bad enough, you may find that the area around the leak starts to settle some, and a low spot can form as the water under the surface erodes the ground from around the pipe. Sometimes the soft spot is very small, and other times it can be obvious, depending on the amount of water and the pressure at which it is escaping from the pipe.

Excavating the Pipe

The most common solution of underground pipe repair involves excavating the soil around the leak and exposing the pipe so that the plumber can see what is leaking and how to fix the problem best. If the pipe is broken, the plumber will need to replace a section of pipe, so getting into the hole is necessary. 

The plumber will cut the pipe and remove the damaged section, then replace it with a new piece to make the repair. If the pipe appears to be in poor condition, the plumber making the underground pipe repair may recommend replacing the entire pipe with a new one. That can mean digging up the whole lawn outside, but if one section is fixed and another stats leaking later, the plumber will have to come back and dig another hole anyway.

Trenchless Repair

There is an alternative underground pipe repair method that allows the plumber to repair the pipe without having to dig a trench. The plumber uses a camera to inspect the pipe, and then they use some special equipment to inject a high strength resin in to seal the pipe. An air-filled bladder goes into the pipe, and once the resin is injected, the bladder is filled to force the resin to coat the inside of the pipe evenly.

The resin is extremely strong, and often pipes repaired in this way will outlast a new pipe installed using traditional methods, and there is no trench to dig and no damage to your lawn or yard. While this method does not work in all situations, it is an excellent alternative to discuss with the plumber doing the underground pipe repair on your property.

For more information about underground pipe repair, contact a local plumber.